SP CHOCOBONE POWDER 200 mg (Granules)

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Comoposition : Each 100 gm contains extracts of : Ashwgandha withania sonifera Root 6 gm Amla emblica officinalis Fruti 4 gm Gokshru tribulus terrestris Fruit 4 gm Musli safed asparagus adscendens Root 5 gm Shatavri asparagus adscendens Kand 5 gm Almond prunus amgdalus Fruit 5 gm Draksha vitis vinifera Fruit 4 gm Kharjura phonenix sylvestris Fruit 5 gm Pippli piper longum Fruit 1 gm Kali mirch Piper nigrum Dried unripe Fruit 1 gm Sonth Zingiber officinails Rhizome 1 gm Elachi amomum subulatum Seeds 1 gm Jeera cuminum cyminum Seeds 1 gm Choco theobroma cacao Powder Q.s Sharkar saccharum officinarum Cycstalize sugar Q.s Excipients Q.s Dosage : 2 Tablespoon two or three times a day with milk or as directed by the physician. Indication : General weakness,Tiredness debility,loss of power,lack of appetite,vatality,amenia, muscle gain,brain tonic.


Its Good For Health especially for Children.


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