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Regulates Female System In Natural Way
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Composition :
Ashok Chhal (saraca indica) bark 750 mg
Lodh (Symplocos recemosa)bark 500mg
Multhi (Glycyrrhiza glabra)Root 500mg
Kamal phool (nelumbo nucifera) Root 200mg
Lal Chandan (pterocarpus santalinus) Flower 100mg
Tagar (valeriana wallichi)Fruit 100mg
Gajpipli (piper longum) Root 100mg
Chikni Supari (Areca catechu)Fruit 100mg
Majhu phal (quercus infectoria) Root 100mg
Nagkesar (mesua ferrea) Root 100mg
Manjeeth (Rubia Cordifolia) Rhizome 100mg
Jeevanti (Leptadenia raticulata) Powder 100mg
Guduchi (Tinospora Cordifolia) Gall 100mg
Dashmool (Combination ten herbs) Flower bud 100mg
Babool chhal (acacia arabica) Root 100mg
Shatavar (Aspara Gus Racemousus) Stem 100mg
Punarva (boeraavia diffusa) Panchang 100mg
Bach (Acrorus Calamus) Bark 100mg

DOSAGE:2-3 teaspoonful three or four times a day
As a directed by physician.


. It may balance Pitta and Kapha.
. It may correct hormonal imbalance.
. It may give relief in symptoms associated with leucorrhoea
   such as itching, pain, and discomfort.
. It may improve appetite and digestion.
. It may improve hemoglobin level.
. It may improve overall health.
. It is a health supplement for women.
. It is well tolerated.
. It may nourish the body.
. It may promote strength and stamina.
. It may reduce swelling in the body.
. It may treat leucorrhoea due to its a nourishing,
   hemoglobin improving, anti-inflammatory, and 
   Tridosha balancing property.

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