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A remedy to restore women’s health

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Shilajit                               50mg
Swarn makshik bhasm                    10mg
Abrak bhasm                            10mg
Kant loh bhasm                         10mg
Bang bhasm                             10mg
Kashish bhasm                          20mg
Mukta shukti bhasm                     30mg
Yashad bhasm                           20mg
Godhanti bhasm                         40mg
Khurasani ajwain                       20mg
Sarpgandha                             80mg
Tagar                                  200mg

DOSAGE: One capsule twice a day withmeal or as directed by the physician
PACKING: 5*10 Capsule in blister


. It may balance Pitta and Kapha.
. It may correct hormonal imbalance.
. It may give relief in symptoms associated with leucorrhoea
   such as itching, pain, and discomfort.
. It may improve appetite and digestion.
. It may improve hemoglobin level.
. It may improve overall health.
. It is a health supplement for women.
. It is well tolerated.
. It may nourish the body.
. It may promote strength and stamina.
. It may reduce swelling in the body.
. It may treat leucorrhoea due to its a nourishing,
   hemoglobin improving, anti-inflammatory, and 
   Tridosha balancing property.

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