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This action inhibits the formation of kidney stones.
Its lithotriptic property dissolves mucin, which binds
the stone particles together. SP URI STONE CAPSULES is
also a diuretic that flushes out small stones from 
the kidneys.


Composition :

Pashan bhen 40 mg
Gaozaban 30 mg
Mustaka 30 mg
Kapardika bhasma 30 mg
Chandan prabhavati 30 mg
Gokhru 25 mg
Hazrul yahuda 25 mg
Shilajeet 30 mg
Manjistha 30 mg
Harad 20 mg

Dosage:- One capsules twice a day with meal or as directed
         by the physician

Additional information

Weight 0.350 kg
  • Promotes a healthy urinary tract
  • Maintains a normal urine composition and muscular integrity
  • For removal of kidney stones pain.
  • No Side Effects.


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